VR Land in Quezon City

From game consoles like Atari, Family Computer (Nintendo), Sega, SNES, PlayStation etc. Arcade games and Portable games like game & watch, Gameboy, PSP and Switch DS. Then came year 2000 with Microsoft’s  Xbox wireless technology followed by Nintendo Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 using Radio frequencies and Bluetooth technology. Different types of gaming system that brings fun and laughter to everyone.

I went to SM City North Edsa this afternoon to check out the Shutter Street Workshop, stalls of cameras, gadgets, equipments and accessories. After that, I decided to walk around and I was surprised to see this place, VR Land.

VR Land is a Virtual Reality kid friendly place where your family can come in and try the latest and greatest gaming technology with a reasonable price. Truly an immersive and fun gaming experience where the young and adult will enjoy a new form of entertainment as they plunge into the world of virtual gaming at its finest.

Started January 2019 with its first branch at Acienda Designer Outlet in Silang, Cavite. This was followed by another branch at SM City North Edsa located at 3F North Towers you can access it also from Level 3 of The Block Building.

There are 29 games, 13 are standing games which the player remains stationary and 16 are room scale games which player can use a combination of movements and the VR headset tracks within a dedicated area to simulate moving in the virtual environment. They also have the Kat Walk – Kat VR System and you can play the Zomday game, which allows the players to perform dynamic actions such as walking, running, dodging, leaning back and forward, or crouching to successfully hide, avoid zombies and fight them effectively when needed. 

List of Games:

Standing Games P250 for 20 minutes

  • Space Pirate
  • Beat Saber
  • Dick Wilde
  • Super Hot VR
  • Zombie Training Simulator
  • Clash of Chefs
  • QuiVR Vanguard
  • Knockout League
  • Windlands
  • The Last Hope
  • Serious Sam 3
  • Archangel Hellfire
  • Raw Data

Room-Scale Games P350 for 20 minutes

  • Job Simulator – *New Game
  • Smashbox
  • Alice Mystery Garden
  • Bomb U
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Holopoint
  • Zero Caliber
  • Cloudlands
  • Eternity Warriors
  • John Wick Chronicles
  • Late for Work
  • Nemesis Realms
  • Ruckus Ridge
  • The Take
  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Loco Dojo

You can also avail big discounts if you want to reserve the area for events like your birthday or team building.

VR Land Birthday Package for P15,000 | 2 hrs for 10 Stations, other details below.

VR Land Team Building Package for P10,000 | 2 hrs for 10 Stations, other details below.

You can also download Booky to use their promos. 
Room Scale Games for P210 only!
Beat Saber Standing Game for P150 only!
Monday to Thursday 10am-10pm
Friday to Sunday 10am-2pm

Here’s a video of my visit in VR Land.


As technology improves, virtual reality evolves over time and will continue to grow. So what are you waiting for? Try VR Land, enjoy virtual reality games with your friends and families!




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