Home Sweet Home!

After an overnight team planning at Canyon Cove, Nasugbu, Batangas. I’ve learned a lot of things from our director, our manager and my business partners. This is the first team planning for this year. First stop at Micara Estates in Tanza Cavite for a site orientation. After the orientation and lunch we headed to Canyon, Cove.

Selfie by your Home Ownership Advisor at Micara Estates -Tanza

Team Summit of Green Circle Realty (GCR)

We stayed in a relaxing sea fronting, 2 storey with loft house owned by President of our company. Thank you Dominguez Family for the continuous support and guidance you are giving to the GCR Family!

We bought food to share and I would like to thank my partners contribution from Chicken & Pork Adobo(CPA), Korean style pork, lecheflan (divided by 30 slices), Fish, vegetables, fruits, bagoong ( fish or shrimp paste) and drinks ( soda, beer and gin for the punch).

We started with an ice breaker, energizer group dance. It’s called show us how you get down led by our top salespreneur Jess Uy. It was all laughter and everyone’s tongue was twisted with the phrases that needs to be said. Only 2 made it since we our chasing the time for the other session we decided to continue it for tomorrow.

(I’ll upload the video soon)

Our first session is mind setting. Johnny Chua our sales director reminded us what are the things we are grateful about in the past year, recalls our journey for the year 2018 and share plans how we could challenge ourselves and reach goals for this year.

Video: The Future of Content Marketing

Second session was presented by yours truly. It’s all about video which is the future content marketing. I shared my thoughts and experiences how you can start creating your own video.

After all the session, it’s pool time! But we decided to take a rest and have some catching up before the dinner.

Dinner served! We feasted with CPA, steamed okra, kangkong and ginataang isda. Jap’s lecheflan is our dessert which I sliced it by squares so all can taste it (Hating-kapatid) was it? Haha!. Everyone enjoyed and was full with the dinner, prepared by our sales manager Lorie Uy with assistance of some of our business partners.

Steamed Okra, Kangkong, Bagoong, Ginataang Isda, Chicken & Pork Adobo and Korean Pork Stew

We continued the night with singing, drinking the punch mix, beer and others gathered continue to learn with online tools.

The next morning we walked down the road towards the beach (the other side) for fresh air and have some photo opps. Others went back including me and asked our driver to bring us to the pool and beach area.

Canyon Cove, Nasugbu, Batangas – DronePH

We went back to the house and had breakfast. We prepared again for a video shoot. Each one of us should tell what we’re grateful about 2018, what’s our desire and commitment for this year.

I was reminded why we’re all doing this job. I was moved and my heart was touched with the thoughts shared by my business partners. To summarized, we all need to plan things accordingly. Set goals and be committed to achieve it.

“Plans are nothing, PLANNING is EVERYTHING.”

That in all Things, God may be Glorified!

PS. Congrats to Ms Rose for a healthy baby girl!

Our prayers for you Ms Mary Jane for the fast recovery of Sir Mark!



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