I’m back! Monday! Yes, it is Monday! The most favorite day of all mankind 😀

Have you thought about why this is the most favorite day? In my 39 yrs of existence, I always hear this on Mondays… Monday! arghhhh, F@#k! Monday again!, hayyy Monday.., Lunes nanaman! (Tagalog) etc etc.

Probably we’ve heard this from our ancestors? can you please think and recall your childhood? What do you remember? haha! see am I right? From your parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and more.  Why am I writing this blog today? actually when I checked my last blog – last night, I was surprised that it was 2 yrs ago (lazy JC!) What happened to me in the past 2 yrs? 

Here’s what happened…

My last blog was last November 2019, recalling and checking what happened last December 2019 was great!, because it’s a holiday month here in the Philippines. Good thing we have social media and I’m using it as my diary to keep track of what I have done on a particular day (if I posted something) Yes full of happenings, parties and events before 2019 ended. Then 2020 came, started with a real bang, the Taal eruption, I joined DSWD-IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix Mission – Taal Response in Batangas and shocked by Kobe Bryant death. Before the lockdown happened, I was lucky to join my ALPHA Camera Club for an out-of-town trip to Atok, Benguet then 2 weeks after our trip, Covid 19 lockdown started. It was March 15, 2020, and a life-changing event that happened not only here in PH but worldwide.

Joint DSWD-IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix Mission – Taal Response.

Flower Farm!
#AlphaCameraClub @ Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Fast forward, I see to it that every day during this pandemic, I will close my day, with a POSITIVE note of something I’ve accomplished. I started my new vlog – Every DIY, and if you’re not yet a subscriber, here’s your 1 in a million chance to SUBSCRIBE now! 

I just want to share with everyone who is reading my first blog for the year (whew!) Let’s just enjoy each day, do something that makes you happy, spread love and respect to all. Monday? we need to share the beauty of each day and not rant, don’t be pissed ahead and don’t be afraid of what will this day bring to you. Because every day is a challenge and take it as an opportunity for you to grow.



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