JCVLOG EP003 – Car Maintenance

It was really a lucky day for me! Maybe because of my shirt? 🙂

It’s February 16, 2019, this is my third episode of my trial vlogssss 😀 haha!

Anyway to start the day, I decided to change my car’s fanbelt, tires and have a change oil.

Here’s a video, my car maintenance day.

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First I visited Mindanao Tyrehaus Center since I got my 3 yrs old tire from them. Unfortunately they dont have stocks of the same brand I have. So before I went to the next tire shop, I went first to an auto supply which is Haldimand Auto Supply to change the fan belt of my car.

After that I went to 4 tire shops and same thing happened, no stocks, still gping to call the suppliers, no exact size. 6th tire shop along Visayas ave. Jackpot! I feel so lucky haha! great deal and awesome customer service by Lucky North Tire and Wheels Center. They have a wide range of tires sizes and wheels to pimp out your ride.

After tire installation, I went to look for a shop that will align and camber adjust my car. Finally along Mindanao ave., Myckae Tire Supply with Lawrence 3D wheel aligner you will get your wheels aligned and cambered fast.

Last for the maintenance was change oil by Petron Service Center. After lunch, proceeded to the nearest carwash service for that sleek look of my Anastasia.



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