Fujifilm Philippines Nationwide Photowalk 2019

Whew! alarm! alarm! alarm!

I went home around 1am from a Friday night party.
I set my phone alarm to 4am and 420am so I have time to check my things and I will arrived early at the 2019 Fujifilm Philippines Nationwide Photowalk.

Luckily I woke up at 5:09am (3 hours of sleep) and can still hear the annoying alarm sound of my phone. I quickly prepare my clothes and went straight to the bathroom. It’s good that I prepared my things last thursday night. So that I’ll just pickup the bag with the things I’m going to bring for the photowalk.

I left home 5:35am and arrived Quezon City Memorial Circle 5:45am, few minutes left before the 6am call time. It was a gloomy morning, around 100+ participants all ready to take their best shots – rain or shine!

I got the giveaways from Fujifilm PH for being early. The black eco bag with a print of X Fujifilm (X series Cameras and Lenses), consists of a trucker’s cap, T-shirt with a print of Fujifilm Philippines Photowalk 2019 (front) Fujifilm X Series (back) and a printed guideline / thank you card.

Winners of the photowalk will receive the following:

FUJIFILM Grand Winner- XF16-55mm F2.8 lens
1st runner up – XF10-24mm F4
2nd runner up  – XF16mm F2.8


The organizers, team leaders and Fujifilm PH were introduced and a short briefing was led by Raymond Tanhueco, one of the team leaders for this walk.

Heavy rain fell before we started our walk, so it was really a challenge for all the participants.

It was between 730-8am before we start the photowalk. We had a group photo and the announcement of the photowalk theme. Breaking the Pattern was the theme, the team leaders told us to think outside the box.

I met 4 photographers and became my photowalk buddies. Harley Wilson, Art Bertos, Edgar Torreda, and Cyrus Panambo. I also had a chance to talk with some of the team leaders and Fujifilm influencers, Two of them was Oliver San Juan, and Raymond Tanhueco, a big thanks for giving your insights on my photos and share some photography styles inline with the theme of the photowalk.

After a few hours of walking, thinking, planning and taking shots, I review and wrote down the 3 filenames that I think to be my best shots. I went to the Presidents Car Museum with my photowalk buddies and asked one of the team leaders to help us select and give comments to our chosen shots.

Click here to view my snaps.

It was fun and exciting experience to join the Fujifilm Philippines Nationwide Photowalk 2019! I will surely join the next events of Fujifilm.

Goodluck to all Photowalkers! More Power Fujifilm Philippines!

Sharing here the video from yesterday’s photowalk.
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